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Thursday, May 27, 2010

R & J Comic Strip Assignment

The story of Romeo and Juliet - a 5 picture comic strip
Due (final date accepted): 5/23, Monday

These events in Romeo & Juliet listed below have been put in the wrong order. With one partner, choose at least five which you think represent the most important events in the story.  Draw and label those five in the correct order on art paper or using a computer.  (You may copy and paste - they are online in the English blog).  Draw cartoon pictures to show what happened, who the characters are, and their relationship to each other. Your drawings should have enough information to show their importance to the telling of the story. One way to do this is with speech bubbles, showing words that they say in the play. You may use art materials drawing on paper or online cartoon software.  Make your illustrations clear and interesting; they will be displayed to the public - everyone at school will see them.  (One good website is http://www.toondoo.com/, but there are others at http://techpp.com/2011/04/30/create-online-comic-strips/.)

  • Romeo and Juliet separate after their wedding night.
  • Romeo is depressed, heartsick over Rosaline, his distant dream girl.
  • Romeo asks Friar Laurence for help.
  • Capulet and Paris talk.
  • Romeo finds out about the Capulet party.
  • Capulet tells Paris his wedding to Juliet will be on Thursday.
  • Romeo’s buddy, Mercutio, is killed by Tybalt.
  • The Capulet party
  • Friar tells Juliet his plan for her to avoid the marriage to Paris.
  • Romeo meets Juliet.
  • Montague and Capulet servants fight.
  • Romeo visits Juliet at the cemetery.
  • The Nurse finds Romeo in the street and finalizes plans.
  • Romeo and Juliet are married by the Friar.
  • The Nurse and Lady Capulet talk to Juliet.
  • The Prince declares there will be no more fighting under pain of death.
  • Romeo avenges Mercutio’s death and slays Tybalt.
  • Romeo is banished to Verona.
  • Romeo and Juliet swear their love for each other.
  • Juliet refuses her father’s decision that she marry Paris.

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