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Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to English blogging!

Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand - photo take...Image via WikipediaStudent essays about travel:

Before the trip I was worried about that I could not communicate with foreigners well because I was not confident of my English standard. Later I found that communicating with foreigners was not that difficult. I met my home stay family on the first day in New Zealand. John and his wife of the host family were very nice. They took very good care of me and my roommate Ken. Their child Zac also helped me a lot.

I met my school buddy Dylan on the first day of school. Dylan was with me at school for two weeks. He learnt with me and played with me. He was my best friend there. After each lesson we had to move to another classroom for the next lesson and this is quite different from what we do in Hong Kong schools. The school days in New Zealand were fun and interesting. I also made many new friends at school.

In the trip we visited a real volcano called Mt. Eden. I thought it was very strange because around the volcano, it was full of glass. We also had a Maori culture lesson before visiting a Maori village. In this lesson I learnt two songs. One was for the visit and the other one was for the farewell party. In the visit we learnt more about Maori culture and it was interesting. We visited the sky tower, which is the landmark of Auckland, the zoo, museums and Western spring too. These places are famous in Auckland. Also we had a trip to Rotorua and stayed there for two days. Rotorua is a Maori word which means the number two lake. We had a sky ride and enjoyed the spa there. Time flew. Two weeks were just like two days. I will never forget all the things I saw and learnt in this trip. The memories will never fade too.

Andy had fun in New Zealand, traveling there with the Seagull Project:

My Kiwi Experience
4E Lam Chun Andy
Before the summer holiday, my schoolmates and I applied for the NZ study tour which lasted for 17 days. My mum had disapproved it because of the money issue but luckily I was sponsored by the Seagull Project and I only needed to pay half of the fees. My mum then let me go.
After arriving in NZ, I first visited St. Peter’s College and our host families picked us up there. My roommate Ryan and I met our homestay parent and we were so excited. They are 4 members in the homestay family and they are Victoria, Ricky, Holly and Stephy. They were very nice to us and helped us solve problems. They told me a lot of NZ cultures and customs and we had much fun.
St Peter’s college was the school I went to. There were about 1,200 boys and there was an international centre for Asian students and the staff there provided assistance to international students and students like us from a study tour.
At school, I had to go to my buddy’s class and learned with local students. When I came across with difficult vocabulary and did not understand the lesson well, my buddy would help me. Before leaving NZ, my buddy gave me souvenirs. He was so thoughtful. During the stay in NZ, my group leader Mr. Wai led our group to visit many places such as Auckland museums, Moari Villages, Auckland Zoo, St. Mark’s Shopping Mall and Rotorua. Rotorua was far from Auckland and we needed to spend 3-4 hours on the bus to get there. We had buffet lunch once we arrived there. It was fun to ride the luge after lunch and we enjoyed the spa very much in the evening.
The NZ study tour was great and it was a wonderful experience. I would remember the people, the food, the school and the places I visited. They will always be parts of my sweet memories too.

Take a look at Adventure Video of New Zealand:

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