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Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Zealand Adventure

Aoraki/Mount Cook is the tallest mountain in N...Image via WikipediaListen and Learn about New Zealand

Todd: So, Monica, you are from New Zealand.
Monica: Yes, that's right.
Todd: So, for people going to New Zealand, what would you recommend? What are three or four places that you must see in New Zealand?
Monica: Oh, OK, three or four places you must see. Well, it depends what you're looking for really. I think a lot of people that come to New Zealand enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, so there's lots of outdoor activities and places you can go to to enjoy in New Zealand. Personally, I find theSouth Island of New Zealand very scenic in comparison to the North Island, so for me, a must-do is the West Coast of the South Island. It's very pretty.
Todd: The West Coast.
Monica: Yeah. In particular, there's two glaciers. Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers, which are very stunning to look at, and you can either have a look at them by foot, or you can pay for a helicopter ride that takes you up and shows you an ariel view of them.
Todd: Now, do people ever walk across the glaciers?
Monica: There are guides that can walk you across. Yeah, I haven't done it personally, but it is possible.
Todd: So what else would you recommend for New Zealand? What other places should people see?
Monica: I think if you want to see ... let me think ... rural New Zealand. It's quite a nice idea to drive the length of the country and then you can see the interesting farming that is taking place, in particular in the South Island. The lower part of the South Island, and a lot of the North Island as well. There's a lot of sheep in New Zealand and there's a lot of cattle as well, so I think it's interesting to go for a drive to see that firsthand.
Todd: So, you just start up in Auckland in the north and drive all the way down south?
Monica: Yeah, well, there's many ways you can do it, but I recommend one way of doing it is too arrive in Auckland and to have an experience of a big city, well a big city for New Zealand, and then drive down the center of the North Island and maybe have a farming experience somewhere. There's a lot of farm stay opportunities available for tourists who come to New Zealand, so depending on how you do it. You might want to stay two or three days with a family and experience a farming lifestyle. So that's, yeah, one thing I'd recommend. And another is to maybe go to a city like Rotorua which is really in the center of the North Island, and experience Maori culture.

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